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Lightglass Optics is where you can find the largest selection of Newport, Line Tool Company, OptoSigma, Thorlabs and other manufacturers of fine optomechanical equipment. By selling pre-owned equipment, Lightglass Optics can fill your Optical Research equipment needs at a substantial discount- saving those precious budget dollars. In addition, we have more Alignment Telescopes on our shelves than anybody else..anywhere!- currently over 100 - made by Keuffel and Esser (K&E), Brunson, Cubic Precision, Davidson Optronics, Engis, Taylor-Hobson and others. We also have supporting Optical Tooling to go with them. Just click on any line item to go to the page for that item.
71-2022 Alignment Telescope by K&E w/ 71-2240 90 degree eyepiece- Calibrated
71-2022 Autocollimating Alignment Telescope by K&E with Calibration Certificate

71-2022 Alignment Telescope by K&E w/ 71-2240 90 degree eyepiece- Calibrated

Your Price: $10,800.00
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Part Number:688-2
This 71-2022 Autocollimating Alignment Telescope is a K&E (Keuffel & Esser), who originally designed this instrument. If maintained properly, they will last a lifetime! K&E then sold their Optical Tooling line to Cubic Precision who then sold all rights and tooling to produce these to the Brunson Instrument Company in 1997.  This has the hard-to-find 71-2240 ninety degree eyepiece with Autocollimation!  The price includes a NEW Lightglo rechargeable LED illuminator. This one is fresh out of Calibration , and can be shipped to you immediately. Full Cert documents included with a one-year term. Yes, this means this one can be overnighted to you by FEDEX! How fast depends on how much you are willing to pay for shipment. This is in a new Pelican case, and it meets all factory new specifications for a 71-2022, which are: Magnification of 4X at zero focus to 46X at infinity Focusing range of zero to infinity Resolving power is 3.4 seconds of arc at infinity Field of View of 37 minutes at infinity, 42mm at zero focus Effective Aperture is 47mm Fully Coated Optics Cross-Pattern Reticle-Single lines Top and Right Fully-Erect Image in the eyepiece, which has diopter scale Optical Micrometers +/- .050", direct reading to .001" Telescope Barrel hardened & Stabilized Chromed Tool Steel Barrel Diameter of 2.2498" +0, -.0003"- A.I.A. Specs. Overall Length of 17 3/4" NSN 6650-00-021-9555. New from Brunson, this instrument now costs $25,000.- without the 90-degree eyepiece. Ours is priced at less than half of that, and will be Refurbished to new or better functional condition, with a fresh Calibration Certificate made out to you. We keep one in stock at the Cal Lab so we can ship overnight if needed. So, If you don't mind some cosmetic scratches or chips on the paint, this will save you a bundle! If you need one that is Remanufactured, with near-perfect cosmetics- we have those in stock too, but they do cost some more......

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